Punsvik Design

Grasp in use


School-project, Mentorship, Design through Vision, Toolkit, Group

A mentor service that connects people of all ages, and helps them get aware of their current situation, to see alternatives and urge them take action to improve their life.

Grasp consist of a awareness campaign, a service that connects people, and a toolkit to help facilitate fruitful conversations between the participants.

The design concept was developed using the Design through Vision process. A process based on anticipating the needs of the future and making products that solves these needs.

One of my main contribution was in the development of the toolkit, research and keeping the team going pushing the project further.

The team: Ellen Lødrup Barkost, Sindre Punsvik, Pavel Stejskal and Camila Sanhueza

Abstract visualization of the future of Aging in Brekstad Illustration of the progression of the Design through Vision process The toolkit to facilitate conversation The means to connect people